Removal Of Selenium From Polluted Water By Fexoy-Sucrose Foams

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Water and wastewater treatment and reuse
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Lopez-Toyos L., RodrĂ­guez E., Garcia R., Martinez-Tarazona M., (Corresponding) Lopez-Anton M.
A series of iron-based carbon foams were evaluated as adsorbents for selenium removal from aqueous solutions. The carbon foams were prepared using sucrose as a precursor and then impregnated with different iron oxides/hydroxides. The efficiency of iron-based sucrose foams was compared to that achieved with a commercial activated carbon impregnated by the same method. The sucrose foams showed removal percentages of 10-90% depending on the synthesis process and pH (2 7). Acidic pH enhanced the adsorption of Se increasing the removal percentages up 80-90%. The chemical and textural properties of the carbon support play a fundamental role in the type of iron species loaded, and hence in the adsorption of selenium. The morphology and dispersion of the iron nanoparticles can also influence the adsorption processes. Furthermore, the sucrose foams developed in this study could be an efficient and sustainable method to remove other metalloids from wastewater.
adsorption; inorganic selenium; carbon foams; sucrose; iron nanoparticles