Citizens Awareness Energy Park. The value of knowledge sharing and energy science in local communities.

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Participatory Science for Environmental Protection
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Ktenidis P., Boulogiorgou D., Andrianopoulou A., Kavadias K., (Corresponding) Kaldellis J., Exarchakos G.
Universities often act as a link between local communities and innovative research activities. In this context, this study explores the design of a Citizens Awareness Energy Park (CAEP) for demonstrating and disseminating knowledge to the local community. The CAEP aims in demonstrating applications of renewable energy and energy-saving technologies. Through this work, the behavioural and attitudinal change related to energy use and environmental protection issues related to the energy transition are promoted. The study was implemented in the Municipality of Ilion and consisted of three stages. Initially, a research questionnaire was developed and distributed to citizens to record their awareness on contemporary energy issues. Next, selected renewable energy technologies were sized and sited in an existing open space in the Municipality of Ilion. Finally, citizens actively participated in environmental pollution measurements in the "citizen science" practice framework. The study's results identified the possibilities and difficulties of creating an effective CAEP, while assessing the critical commitment factors of the actors (e.g., citizens, local enterprises, municipal authorities, etc.) involved.
Social Attitude, Energy Transition, Citizen Science