An Example of a Detailed Beach Inventory at an Island Scale: The Case of Chios, Greece

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Beach erosion of island beaches In Eastern Mediterranean (Greece and Cyprus): assessment, monitoring and Management
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Monioudi I., Andreadis O., Chatzistratis D., Chalazas T., (Corresponding) Hasiotis T., Velegrakis A., Monioudis E., Mettas C., Koutsantonaki C.
This contribution presents an example of a detailed beach inventory that can provide a comprehensive understanding of beach characteristics, using as a case study the island of Chios. The inventory was assembled using various sources, such as satellite imagery, optical information/tools provided by the Google Earth Pro application, online resources, and local information sources, including interviews with locals. The ‘dry’ beaches were digitized as polygons on the satellite imagery. Metadata production from the digitized polygons was carried out in GIS. Geospatial information (e.g., width, area, orientation), environmental characteristics (e.g. sediment texture, coastal dunes, cliffs, rivers), socio-economic parameters (e.g. beach development, touristic activity) and human intervention features (e.g. coastal defenses, port facilities) were included in the database. The spatial characteristics and other attributes of the island beaches stored in the database were statistically analyzed, to identify underlying relationships. The geographical distribution of the beach characteristics along the coastline of Chios was also analyzed. This database serves as a vital management tool, facilitating the fulfilment of relevant legal obligations of Greece regarding coastal management. Its comprehensive and detailed information supports effective decision-making and aids in the sustainable management of the island's beaches.
Beach inventory, Chios, Geo-spatial characteristics, Statistical analyses