A smart integrated platform for leakage detection on water supply network in Aigio town

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Drinking water and health
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
(Corresponding) Chasiotis A., Piromalis D., Chasiotis S., Feloni E., Papageorgas P., Bousdeki M., Sofianopoulos M., Nikolopoulos D., Kouniniotis D., Mathiou P., Nastos P.
Non-revenue water (NRW) is the volume of water participating in urban water supply processes, which does not generate revenues for the water utility company and it is divided into the water losses and the unbilled consumption. In the era of sustainable water resources management, the reduction of NRW, especially to cope with the losses, is among the main objectives of both national and regional management plans. In this frame, the Municipal Enterprise for Water and Wastewater of Aigialeia (DEYA.A) and the Institutionalized Research Laboratory of Smart Technologies, Renewable Energy Sources & Quality (UNIWA) collaborate in the project entitled “Smart system for Leak Detection for water supply Network of Aigio” with the purpose of controlling water leakage, which now reaches around 48% of the total water supply in the external water network of Aigio town, in Aigialeia, Greece. This study describes the main objectives, the system’s components, and the implementation scheme of the project, which will contribute to the development of a smart system that is estimated to save up to 600.000 m3 of water per year
Non-revenue water, water supply network, water leakage, water supply monitoring, Aigio