PROMETHEUS: Services, systems and methods for HEIs in the domains of Circular Economy, and Sustainable Development

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Circular economy and industrial symbiosis
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
(Corresponding) Lachana Z., Zlatinis G., Tsigkou K., Charalabidis Y., Kornaros M., Lekkas D., Klontza E.
Prioritizing innovation and entrepreneurship is difficult for European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), especially in the context of digital transformation. Despite fruitful partnerships, many HEIs struggle to interact with business leaders, share knowledge, and promote cross-border cooperation. The impact of research and teaching is hampered by a lack of institutional support, which limits opportunities for faculty and students. Universities must allocate the necessary funds and recognize the value of knowledge exchange and collaboration with outside parties in order to address these problems. Effective knowledge exchange requires the development of strategic alliances with governmental organizations and private companies. Collaboration is facilitated, institutional reputation is improved, and funding is attracted through joint research initiatives, industry partnerships, and community engagement initiatives. This paper presents the PROMETHEUS project which involves five HEIs and three research centers and enterprises across Europe, as a solution to the above mentioned lack, by developing and sharing capabilities in innovation and entrepreneurship related to digital transformation. PROMETHEUS focuses on institutional engagement and change, offering various services, systems, and methods to enhance Higher Education. These include schools, workshops, networking opportunities, digital platforms, and business accelerator programs.
Digital Transformation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, HEIs transformation, Entrepreneurship Acceleration Platforms