Assessing the Effects and Dangers of Climate Change on the Environment and Society of the Philippines

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Climate change impacts, vulnerability and risks
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Corpus R., (Corresponding) Bayani M., (Corresponding) Ado R.
The Philippines is one of the most susceptible nations to climate change's effects. It is anticipated that the frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as typhoons, floods, and droughts will increase over the next few decades. This thesis seeks to evaluate the environmental and social hazards posed by climate change in the Philippines. Examining the current and projected effects of global warming on critical sectors such as agriculture, coastal zones, and human health. The research methodology will include a literature review, data analysis, and case studies. This study's findings will provide crucial insights into the resiliency and vulnerability of the Philippine community to the effects of climate change. This research will contribute to the development of adaptation and mitigation strategies that will assist the nation in building resilience and reducing the risks associated with global warming. This paper will be of interest to policymakers, academics, and practitioners working in the field of climate change and sustainable development.
climate change, Philippines, emerging