Development of Scenario-based Decision-Making Framework for Marine Oil Spill Waste Management

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Waste management
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Hosseinipooya A., (Corresponding) Li J.
This study developed a scenario-based decision-making framework to help select the appropriate strategy to deal with marine oil spill response waste by considering different impact factors, including the type of spilled oil, the quantity and quality of waste, the capacity of transportation, the capacity and location of treatment and disposal facilities, and the feasibility of strategies. Based on the combination of impact factor conditions, 1600 and 4608 input scenarios were generated for liquid and solid oily waste, respectively. An optimization model with an objective of minimizing costs was developed and programmed in RStudio to evaluate each input scenario. The real-world data was collected for the optimization modeling parameters. The results indicated that the best strategy for managing liquid oily waste from spilled refined oil (e.g., diesel and bunker) should be the sending of waste to a processing facility for physical and chemical separation. For solid oily waste, pyrolysis is the best option if available followed by incineration.
decision making, marine oil spill response, optimization, scenario, waste management