Recent Developments in Solar-Powered Membrane Distillation

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Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Jawed A., Nassar L., Hegab H., Merwe R., AlMarzooqi F., Banat F., (Corresponding) Hasan S.
Freshwater scarcity remains one of the most crucial issues facing our world. Although the traditional membrane distillation (MD) technique can efficiently produce clean water irrespective of climate conditions, the process wastes a lot of energy. Thanks to the development of photo-thermal materials, the solar-powered membrane distillation (SPMD) process has received intensive attention in the last decade. SPMD is a highly promising substitute for traditional MD, which is based on fossil fuels, as it can stop the harmful emissions impact on the environment. Combining solar energy with MD has the potential to lower the expenses associated with water purification and ensure the generation of clean water remotely. Reviewing the most current advancements of the SPMD system is essential at this point, in addition to highlighting the challenges and prospective of this technology. Based on that, the background, recent progress, and principles of SPMD, their configurations and mechanisms, fabrication methods, and various applications, along with their advantages and current limitations, are reviewed.
Freshwater, solar-powered membrane distillation, desalination, energy consumption, photothermal membranes.