Comparison between plasma microbubbles and gas-liquid dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma for pollutants degradation in water

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Advanced oxidation processes
Published under CEST2023
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Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Meropoulis S., (Corresponding) Aggelopoulos C.
This study's main emphasis is the direct comparison between gas-liquid dielectric barrier discharge (GLDBD) and plasma microbubbles (PMB) concerning the kinetics related to the contaminant’s destruction and plasma-activated water composition. As contaminants with different structures, methylene blue (MB), methyl violet (MV), methyl orange MO) and sunset yellow (SY) were investigated. For the PMB system, low concentrations of long-lived plasma species were measured and an almost neutral pH, while on the contrary for the GLDBD high long-lived species concentrations and a significant pH decrease was recorded. This study sheds light on how the GLDBD and PMB systems can be used to expand the use of cold plasma-based wastewater treatment.
Plasma bubbles; Dielectric barrier discharge; Plasma-activated water; Wastewater treatment; Reactive oxygen and nitrogen species; Cold atmospheric plasma.