Water Losses Assessments to support decision making in WSS management

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Water policy, management and society
Published under CEST2021
Proceedings ISBN: 978-618-86292-1-9
Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
(Corresponding) Pietrucha-Urbanik K., Tchórzewska-Cieślak B.
In order to reduce costs related to water supply service, modernization measures should be carried out to water losses. The paper presents an analysis and assessment of water losses carried out based on data provided by a water utility company. The basic indicators of water loss according to the International Water Association were then determined, such as: the leakage percentage (LP), the real leakage balance (RLB), the unavoidable annual real losses (UARL), and the infrastructure leakage index (ILI). On the basis of the categories given by IWA, we can see that the analysed water supply network is classified as a network of very good technical performance. The obtained water loss indicators in the examined water supply system (WSS) are comparable to the indicators in other collective water supply networks in Poland.
water supply system (WSS), water losses, water losses indicators