Evaluation of atmospheric pollutants dispersion using CFD numerical models

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Air pollution
Published under CEST2021
Proceedings ISBN: 978-618-86292-1-9
Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
Fernández Pacheco V., (Corresponding) Antuña Yudego E., Suárez López M., Carús Candás J., Álvarez Álvarez E.
This paper describes the approach of studying air pollution by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models. It also includes a report of a series of investigations performed in order to illustrate the potential of such models with the aim to give a solution to the dispersion to resolve the question of the dispersion of solid and gases pollutants into the atmosphere by using different validation techniques.
Air Quality, CFD, Pollution, Pollutant dispersion.