Application of cutting-edge environmental technologies for the development of resilient and sustainable cities

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Energy technologies and sustainability
Published under CEST2021
Proceedings ISBN: 978-618-86292-1-9
Proceedings ISSN: 2944-9820
(Corresponding) Senatore V., Giaquinto D., Zarra T., Oliva G., Buonerba A., Belgiorno V., Naddeo V.
The development of resilient and sustainable cities emerged as a solution to tackle the several challenges arising from the exponential growth of urban areas population worldwide. The implementation of environmental technologies represents a solution to minimize negative impacts of crowded cities on the environment and human health. The research presents and discusses the applications of advanced and innovative cutting edge technologies to develop sustainable, green and resilient cities. The study is carried out by distinguishing environmental technologies (ETs) on four principal sectors: water and greywater, air pollution, municipal solid waste and mobility. For each technology the strengths and weaknesses are analysed and pointed out. The application of the principal technologies evaluated with reference to real cases study of metropolitan area were highlighted. The work contributes to the development of sustainable cities, providing useful information to support urban planners and policymakers in order to minimize environmental pressures and improve the way they operate.
sustainable development goals, climate change, urban agriculture, renewable energy, natural resource conservation.